Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.3.0g Mod APK

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.3.0g Mod APK + DATA

Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.3.0g Mega Mod apk + Data for Android.

Enter the action as the most up to date installation in the most effective FPS collection increases bench for shooter video games once again! Produce a team, include your friends as well as driving test your individual as well as team abilities against various other teams in vibrant multiplayer warfare. Is solitary player your factor? Then enter a country on the verge of anarchy and also shoot your escape of one alarming situation after one more to expose a crackpot who’s attempting to tear the globe to shreds.

The basic concept really isn’t that different from past games in the series (or really, the genre at large): war has broken out, people betrayed each other, and now the only way to save the world again is for Phoenix to shoot every bad guy that crosses his path. I’m pretty sure this is a similar story to Modern Combat 4, which I’m pretty sure I played, but all I remember from that is that it involved a lot of shooting and the liberal use of profanity that felt a lot like a teenager rebelling against their parents.
If you’re a fan of that, you’ll be glad to know that this game has plenty of shooting and f-bombs too.
Modern Combat 5 4
In terms of mechanics, this is really a run-of-the-mill FPS. Anyone who’s played Call of Duty will know the tropes used here. There are various modern weapons with the ability to aim down the sights to shoot more accurately, players can only carry two weapons at a time and can get special perks and upgrades for their weapons. There are a number of single player set pieces to play through, along with five modes of multiplayer, most of which are variations on deathmatch (and a capture the flag mode).
It’s also possible to form squads and participate in matches to improve the squad ranking.
The main innovation in Modern Combat 5 is structural: the game weaves single player and multiplayer into a single, shared progression. This means that every single player mission and every multiplayer match contribute to the same experience pool that you’ll use to unlock any weapons, attachments, and perks. This helps give the single player campaign more of a multiplayer feel, as most levels are designed to be 7-minute affairs like multiplayer matches are.
Modern Combat 5 3
But what it also does is makes sure that nothing in the game is irrelevant. Single player is no longer an entirely separate thing to be ignored – instead it helps contribute to getting the preferred weapon loadouts in the multiplayer. There’s even an integration of multiplayer missions in the singleplayer, where playing a certain mode can help advance the progression to later levels with more missions.
While those who have zero interest in multiplayer might dislike being compelled to check it out, this benefits someone like myself who rarely touches the single player of most FPS games. It’s a very smart system. The drawback is that it requires being online all the time, because even a single player mission contributes to the multiplayer system. Those who want to enjoy this game on an underground train ride, on their wi-fi tablet, or are even behind a particularly restrictive firewall, won’t be able to enjoy this game’s solo modes without having an open online connection. It’s more justified than in other games that demand a connection, but it’s never not annoying.
Modern Combat 5 6
The touchscreen controls make me long for being able to use a gamepad, as turning around corners to aim at enemies is just a nightmare. MFi gamepad support is curiously missing at launch. I can imagine keyboard-and-mouse jockeys playing this game and despairing. But this is kind of the state of things at the moment with touchscreen FPS games.
Really, the best thing that I can say about Modern Combat 5 is that it is an extremely formulaic FPS game. It might mean that Modern Combat 5 won’t succeed in being memorable, but the game’s volume is constantly set to 10, with all the explosions and everything being of dire, life-changing importance. It’s delivering what fans of the genre are after.
Of course, it also reinforces all of the negatives in the genre too. The game glorifies war a bit too much, like when Phoenix collects a recon drone and says “nice!” in the middle of a warzone. The profanity feels like it’s swearing just to show off. It’s a regrettable culture.
But then, I’m not perfect. I’ve bought every Call of Duty game since Call of Duty 4, and while Modern Combat 5 uses the exact formula as that series, it’s one that’s really hard to mess up. The multiplayer works well over an LTE connection, even against opponents from all over the world. And it’s pretty fun to dominate free-for-all matches with a shotgun.

Touchscreen issues and a lack of controller support aside, Modern Combat 5 delivers on what it set out to do. What can I say? I enjoy the formula!
  • 4 adjustable classes that you can level up across single- and also multiplayer
  • Locate the play design the fits you: Attack, Heavy, Recon, or Sniper
  • Activate class-specific skills by gaining as well as spending Ability Details
  • Impressive group clashes in Squad vs. Squad matches
  • Talk with various other players in Worldwide as well as Squad Conversation
  • Person and also Team leaderboards
  • Succeed amazing rewards in the limited-time occasions
  • Accumulate XP and also level up by playing both single-player goals as well as multiplayer matches
  • Unlock higher-tier weapons by grasping lower-tier ones
  • Personalize the perfect weapon making use of a host of add-ons and hop right into the activity
  • Fast-paced story missions with numerous difficulties taking you from Tokyo to Venice
  • Play the brand-new Spec-Ops objectives for a real FPS adrenaline rush
  • Remarkable graphics, music as well as voice efficiencies completely adapted for a shooter Game
  • User-friendly, extremely customizable controls so you could conform just the way you want
  • This App has no advertisements
  • AI Won’t Move
  • AI Won’t Shoot
  • Removed License Check
  • Only works in Campaign Mode*
  • Ad-Free

HIGH-POWERED MULTIPLAYER In Modern Combat 5 Blackout Mod
What’s New in Modern Combat 5 Blackout v2.3.0g?
NEW CLASS – THE X1-Morph: First Female Playable Character. A deadly assassin that takes the appearance of any other class.
8 New X1-Morph Weapons – 7 Tiers of devastating weapons and 1 Prestige weapon that will make the difference in any battle.
3 New Prestige Weapons – Now all classes have their full arsenal up for the grabs.
Xmas Content – Christmas comes bearing gifts! Find the new Xmas decorations, destroy them and get handsomely rewarded.
MOD Info
How to install apk ?
  1. Download the apk and Data (.OBB) file given
  2. Extract the data and paste it to the internal memory of phone e.g SDCard >>> Android >>> Data
  3. Now install the apk and play the game without any worries
  4. That’s it. Enjoy !
Requirements !
Android 4.0 +
Downloads [Google Play]
If you have been installed and played this game before, you don’t need to download data /obb again, just download and install mod apk then launch the game to download additional data via in game.
Download data/obb via in game! 

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