Jurassic World version 1.12.9 MOD


More Info:

• ROOTED Device
• Game Guardian

The following guide is based on Jurassic World: The Game version 1.12.9

UnHidden Content:

Currencies and XP
Dword union search (item id);qty:5 from a reward.

0 = Food
1 = DNA
2 = Coins
3 = Cash

Then dword qty.

Now increment edit and check what the value changes to.

Edit everything else back and now edit qty to whatever you want.
Goto address and change id to be any currency you want.
Claim reward and enjoy.

Max values in game are 99,999,999

For XP just dword search xp reward and increment edit. Check what matches, edit everything back and edit xp to what you want.

Infinite Free Deck
Dword search 21,600,000
Edit results to 0.
Timer for the free deck is now 0.

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