Little Big City 2 hacked by GG


More Info:

• ROOTED Device
• Game Guardian

The following guide is based on Little Big City 2 version 1.0.9

Currencies Items XP
Dword union search 2;(item id);qty:9 from a reward.

0 = XP
3 = Cash
4 = Gems

Item ids go from 0 to I think 113

Now dword search itemid;qty:5
Then dword qty.

Example would be a reward of 200 cash
Then 3;200:5
Then 200

If you get 0 results, goto GG settings and add Stack and Other to your memory ranges. 

Now increment edit and check what the value changes to.

Edit everything else back and now edit qty to whatever you want.
Goto address and change id to be any item you want.
Claim reward and enjoy.

Max gems in game is 1,000,000
Max Cash in game is 10,000,000

Do not give yourself too many of an item you can't sell or remove, you'll be sorry and cannot fix it (yet).

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