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Name: Summoners War

Version: 3.4.3
Need OBB: No
Need Root: No

MOD Preview:
Dumb Enemies + 2700dmg

*How to install*
1. Remove original game
a. if you played with mod before, you can install new mod over it.
2. Download modded APK
3. Install modded APK
4. Enjoy =)

My best tips to don't get banned. This way I played and still play 4 level 50 accounts without any ban:

1. Don't finish TOA/H, I don't care on disconnect, I don't finish it. The only people I know are safe with TOA finishing are those who have an accounts which is min. 1 year old, lvl 50 and full 6 star team.

2. Don't play in arena vs. players with higher level, even when they have only one monster as defense.

3. If you play arena for awards, don't reach a too high rank. Safest moment to get a little bit higher rank is one hour before the arena reset comes, cause everyone is cheating there and you will get attacked all the time by higher players.

4. Don't play while the GM check every sunday nights. It begins at the moment of the arena reset and needs about 9 hours. They like to pick people that are online.

5. If you play cairos dungeon, I prefer the Alwaysturn + 800mod. +1800 is ok as well...BUT: don't play too high stages! This is my golden tip:
Don't play higher then you fail closely without mod. I mean with that, that when you can do UG 6 without mod, but you fail closely on UG 7 (boss have about 30% HP left) you can finish UG 7 with mod, but not UG 8, got it?

6. If you need to do raid, do it only with people which are cheating too.

7. Don't talk in chat to anyone about what you are doing.

8. Szenarios are absoloutly safe for every kind of mod.

9. Rivals are absoloutly safe for every kind of mod.

10. Farming for homunculus you must be very carefull, but its possible. Best way is with an old account lvl 50.

11. This is the most important tip:
When you use cheats, you must live with the risk to get banned. The mod is fully bypassed and security check is nulled, BUT, a very big BUT: This game have GM's. That are real people picking your account if you are unlucky and check it. This is something, no cheat and no mod can safe you from. Over that, there are some security server checks you can't bypass cause that are traps you tap in when you are doing something stupid. For example UG 10 with a crap team, finishing TOAH and so on. That will give a server alert and the GM will have your account ID on his table for the next check. You are warned. Cheat smart.

Best regards,

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