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Clash Of Magic Private Server 9.256.20 APK November 2017 
Null’s Royale 2.0.2 Private Server November 2017

Clash Of Magic released their private server today with the latest builder base9.105 ,i was waiting for this private server for a very long time and finally the wait is over.
This private server is by clash of magic so all credits goes to them for creating this awesome server. You can visit their official website

The server is still in beta version so can expect some bugs and issues while playing the game.

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Let me walk you through some of the cool features that this private server has but before that here is a quick disclaimer.


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About This Private Server

This private server is really impressive, it has plenty of mods for the town hall however there is not much on the builder base apart from the usual troops and buildings.
However there is new buildings that is coming soon in the builder base called “Air Trap” .
On the side of the shore AKA Townhall we have plenty of new towers (check screenshot below) which are pretty amazing.
Also we have plenty of new troops in Townhall such as Night Witch, Battle Ram, Skeleton Witch etc. You can play the game and explore yourself 😉 you will be amazed.
Ofcourse we have unlimited resources
And And And…. You can battle with Builders now LOL you can train them at your Army Camp and take them to war.
Please Read
If the new version does not work or give you errors you can try their old version as well but it won’t have builder base however i play on it alot, more info about the server go clash of magic old private server


1: Download Clash of Clans from the link provided below
(Note: Download links will be locked below, either share,tweet,like to unlock the links or just wait for the countdown timer to end and the link will be auto-unlocked)
2: Make sure unknown sources is enabled on your device
3: Install and enjoy
The servers restarts every 3 hours or so if you get a connection lost errors or login errors then simply try again after a while 😉
Comment if link stops working
Update: Server is stable again 😀
Good News Link Has Been Updated on 29th december 2017

Please download their newer version its out – clash of magic 9.105.10 apk 

Latest Beta Server – Magic Beta 9.105 APK
(Beta server is for testing only, it will have bugs)
Latest New Version (Server 6) V.9.105 – Fhx Server Clash Of Magic
If server 6 didn’t work try Server 5 based on V.9.24 – Download Server 5

You can also try the below version if none worked.



As i said above the server restarts every 3 hours so if you receive any connection errors or login errors simply try again later. There is no need to clear this or that.
All you need to do is try again later because the problem is always on the other side unless you forget to recharge your balance or run out of data.

 DownloAd LINK ( VER (9.256) 



I was really happy to play on this server because the amount of mods it has. The server also seems to be very stable. I had been waiting for this server for about a month now and i am happy to finally play on it and share it with you.
Let me know your thoughts on this private server in the comments below.

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