Kings Raid ver-2.94.0 MOD APK

Name: Kings Raid
Version: 2.94.0
Root: NO

Features Mod Menu:
1) LowHp (enemy health low 1hit kill)
2) NoAttack (Enemy do no damage)
3)InstantWin (No enemy on map)
4) No skill CD (Skill use no cooldown)
5) Mana (Don't need mana)
6) x100 stats = CHOOSABLE (All item stats included in this 1) <-- Need to do 1 battle before active

Features Stats apk:
1) All stats x10
How to gain these by equip item and turn on BGM in sound settings Turn BGM off for normal stats. Please note might have to do 1 battle for mods to activate and de-activate

Download Link:-
Credits: stelau4 - Esclusive Modding Team
Stats.apk LinkKingsRaid-Stats.apk
ModMenu Link: KingsRaid-Menu.apk

Playstore Link:

Notes about mod menu:
1) Must Enable Mod choice before battle
2) To open and close menu hit the Team AR button
3) Also dragable (mean can move anywhere the menu)
4) Please not for instawin turn off LowHp
5) Choosable Stats enter any amount from 0 to 100 0 being stats off and 100 being x100 so please note that in mind when you type the amount its x dmg hp and def after enter hit button set stats

Install Steps:
1) Install choosen mod
2) Start game and enjoy

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